REVEAL 2 Exhibition HKIA at ArtisTree 2016


Family in Timber Architecture


NGAI Chung Hon, Angus



Design Statement

Traditional timber architecture is composed of hundreds of joineries which hold hands to each other supporting as a shelter for every families in the past. Nowadays, we seem to be illiterate in reading codes and trails of nature. We tend to measure wind and light instead of feeling spring and seeing shadow of objects. We had lost the inherent relationship with objects that we closely contact with every day.

Life is measured by time and being categorized and individualized. We seldom perceive we are the small parts forming of the whole, as same as the Dougong of timber architecture.

There should be certain re-alignment in living value. Let’s start from very beginning, seeking hints from traditional objects, to understand the intention of making, and try to rebuild the intimate relationship through materials and crafts. Allowing nature re-shapes our life and families; and gradually expands its quality to architecture and the city.

传统木建筑作为文化载体,承传「家」的概念。自然催化下的艺术韵味,已被现代单一型式所取代。 「家」在极端空间效能下,只可以作出适应。