Month: March 2017

Biennale Architettura 2016

Extreme conditions of high density living have been imposing great pressure on daily life and created non-stop argument between government policies and citizens’ expectation. It leads to social laceration which may possibly originate in the living distortion created by extreme capitalist visions. The distortion manipulates our concept of time and space which keep urging for achieving new extreme in both physical and mental, especially for whose has lower income.

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‭[‬觸得到的故宮‭] ‬解構斗拱

獲TVB電視台邀請協助拍攝[觸得到的故宮], 在第一集內講解斗拱結構, 並以唐代佛光寺的1比4斗拱模型, 來拆解其構造, 每個部件也有不同名稱及功用, 組合起來是如何撐起千斤重屋頂? 在中國建築中, 斗拱包含著功能丶美學及文化的精粹。

[大家手牽手, 牽出了榫卯, 木頭再生長,斗栱又開花] – 出自趙廣超老師的紫禁城100

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簷几 Spring

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月 Moon

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卷 Scroll

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月梁桌 Moon

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構 Structure

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窗欞棹 Latti

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籠 Frame

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親 Intimate

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