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The schedule is subjected varies design specifications and manufacturing requirements. Below is an usual practice for reference:

Design drawing usually takes 10-14 days. 

Manufacturing and delivery time would take 12-16 weeks upon confirmation of the design drawing.

We have 2 manufacturing lines for furniture.

1. Traditional hardwood furniture with joinery and details; which would be higher in cost with antique craftsmanship, traditional details and joinery,  valuable for collection)

2. Composite structure with plywood,  solid wood and veneer finishes; which is lower in cost providing design variety and quicker production time.

Could I specify type of wood, colour and wood grains? 

Every piece of wooden furniture is unique which is an extension and transformation of its nature.

The Colour of wood will change with different humidity and temperature. We will agree on the material sample as a reference with the customer and explain every tree and its wood grains are unique. 

We are reluctant to cover the varies of natural wood grains and their original colour with thick paint to achieve a homogenous outcome. Please note that natural wooden furniture still breathes. 

The material used depends on design specifications, cost, usage and availability. We normally use Ash, Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Teak, Ebony, Rosewood.​ The above will be list out in quotation for  customer's consideration.

Is all furniture made with solid wood ?


Payment will be settled by stages: 

1. Engagement of services and acceptance of quotation 30%

2. Acceptance of design drawings for manufacturing purpose 50%

3. Completion of production and ready for delivery 20%


We keep informing customers the progress of work ensuring expectations can be aligned.


We may offer a partial refund of the product if it has substantial damages and defects upon delivery. 

All furniture & product will have quality check and photo record with photos which will be sent to the customer before delivery 

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