The design of HANC furniture is based on the traditional wood architecture elements, which presents incredible wood production in different sizes, bringing traditional aesthetics into contemporary living space.

Adopting the concept of architecture in furniture production further intensifies the meaning of a piece of furniture. With great design elements, everything moves into a modern lifestyle. HANC furniture is composed of 3 series:

‘ARCHITECTURE’ – turning wood architecture into furniture
‘CONNECTION’ – connecting the tradition and the present
‘NATURALIST’ – natural and abstract aesthetic elements

Founder of HANC incarnates two generations of family’s figures, revealing the linkage and inheritance of family’s intimacy through furniture, which comes to the touch and realization of wind.


The products are the result of turning Chinese architecture into furniture. Overall it is an architecture. When look closer, it is just a corner of home. The designs are unexpectedly incredible – The Latti turns into a table when placing it flat; the cornice changes to be a chair when it is moved down; the Dougong becomes a table when making it small. The column beam ratio of Chinese architecture applies to the structure of table. While improving the traditional style of a table, it intensifies its implicit meaning which also expresses a feeling of Zen. 2000 years ago, frame structuring was already adopted by the Eastern culture in space creation.

簷几 Spring
月梁桌 Moon
窗欞棹 Latti
窗屏 Parti
小斗拱 Dougong


It mainly presents furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasty, putting them into modern space with a new design concept. First, the ‘Lady’s Hat Chair’ is originated from ‘Official’s-hat Armchair’ in Ming Dynasty. In ancient times, Hat Chair was designed for gentlemen. The design is dignified and straight, which implies ‘standing out’. Putting away the sharpness of the chair and retaining its straight and square shape, expresses its majesty in an implicit way. The curve of seat back is soft and slightly bend, which perfectly matches the tenderness and perseverance of ladies.

Whilst ladies have stood out, there should be changes in the design of chair. Gentlemen possess their privileged official hat, how about ladies?

女官帽椅 Lady’s Hat Chair
親 Intimate


The design of this series of products aims to tell the concept of culture and the abstract aesthetic elements of natural phenomenon. Moon and landscapes all turn into furniture. It is not always full moon, seats with glass surface reflect the changes in light and dark, while seats with wood surface are as if they were half moon. Green leaves are interdependent. A high chair leans on a low chair, increasing the intimacy.

月 Moon
卷 Scroll
構 Structure
籠 Frame
方正 Square