Home Theater

Perfect Vision & Sound All in Your Private Kingdom

A Unique and Fascinating Creation by a Professional Musician

It is HANC’s pleasure to meet Mr. Marco Leung (Sound Designer of Artist Hi Fi Co) this year. Both of them are so passionate about music and design. They fit in readily and start working together to tailor make professional audio room and home theatre - perfectly bringing professional music elements into interior design which you can enjoy extraordinary sound even at home. The concept of taking theatre and concert hall to home allows you to live in your private art zone anytime and anywhere.

Sound Designer

Introduction of Mr. Marco Leung:

To realize the dreams of producing perfect sound and replaying high-quality music from audio equipments, Marco, the artist specializing in sound, has spent half of his life studying in laboratory. Finally, he succeeded to create his own brand which perfectly mixes the key elements of ancient and modern European and American design techniques, gaining much recognition and resonance.

For more than a decade, Marco has been sharing his precious knowledge in magazines and on online platforms. Every time when his machine production generates a unique set of sound, it brings out feelings of artist, freshness and elegance, persistence and sincerity, and strong humanity.

Marco was deeply impressed by music in Christian Church since he was young, he therefore possess good knowledge of a wide variety of musical instruments and human voice. He has also taken part in many performance. After his secondary education, Marco was fascinated by electronics and since then he went to the College of Technology. He spent 5 years studying 3 electronics diploma courses, including advanced electronics and sound technology diploma. He consequently obtained basic knowledge and theories in that field, whilst accumulating decades of on-going and in-depth research.

Artist Hi Fi Co was founded by Marco 30 years ago. While having been engaging in the front-line position for years, Marco is always in touch with numerous people aiming for high quality in sound. This strengthened his patience and allowed him to possess a broader vision and perspective on sound production.

Articles shared in magazines including ‘The High End Audio Journal of Hong Kong’ and ‘YK Audio Ltd.’, etc.