Tag: 展覽

Biennale Architettura 2016

Extreme conditions of high density living have been imposing great pressure on daily life and created non-stop argument between government policies and citizens’ expectation. It leads to social laceration which may possibly originate in the living distortion created by extreme capitalist visions. The distortion manipulates our concept of time and space which keep urging for achieving new extreme in both physical and mental, especially for whose has lower income.

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REVEAL 2 Exhibition HKIA at ArtisTree 2016

Traditional timber architecture is composed of hundreds of joineries which hold hands to each other supporting as a shelter for every families in the past. Nowadays, we seem to be illiterate in reading codes and trails of nature. We tend to measure wind and light instead of feeling spring and seeing shadow of objects. We had lost the inherent relationship with objects that we closely contact with every day.

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